All I can do is Twitter

All I can do is Twitter

¬†Okay, so I know I haven’t posted a real post in a few days but I have been twittering. Okay pervs, it’s not what you are imagining. I’ve been using Twitter to update my blog partly because I’m practicing for when I go on my trip to Virginia (I can update via text message) and partly because I am exhasted and perhaps depressed. Here are my latest twitters. Lucky you, you can always see what I’m doing on the left column or by “following” me and getting text message updates.

Working: On my resume…I’ve got to get out of here! about an hour ago
Wishing: I had a chicken salad sandwich in my top drawer. Oh, and a million dollars or a fullfilling job. about 4 hours ago
Working. If that’s what you want to call “sitting here on my butt, bored half to death and bored 3/4 of the way to tears. about 23 hours ago
broadcasting the podcast RIGHT now! Check it out~ 1 day ago
Working….on a turkey sandwich…at the bookstore. 3 days ago
My abs are in pain and my Aleeve isn’t working quick enough. Also, I need to wash my hair… 3 days ago

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