A Weenie Roast and Hay Ride

A Weenie Roast and Hay Ride

Another fall event that is pretty popular here in the Midwest is a hayride/weenie roast. I’ve never been to one so I was pretty excited when I found out that our church was hosting one! On Saturday we showed up at the state park with our pain in the bootie puppy and took part in games and hot dog and s’more roasting.

Everyone had a great time and then the wagons showed up! There were four wooden wagons pulled by two tractors and we all piled in on top of HAY! Well, we weren’t exactly on top of it, we smooshed right into it! The tractor drivers explained to us that we were to stay inside of our wagon but that the hay was not. We were instructed to throw the hay at other wagons as we passed them on the trail. I’m not totally sure but I also thing that they told us to throw hay at cars that passed by and any people out on the roads or trails. Like I said, I don’t remember for sure but I will tell you that many joggers had some hay in their hair. Cars with windows down? We showed no mercy!
I’d like to show you in some photos below what happened once the wagons pulled up next to each other at the end of our hour long ride. These people are the same people I sit next to on Sunday mornings and give the peace blessing to, these are the same people I worship God with.
I’d also like you to notice my pastor and his wife on the far right side ducking and covering for their lives. One thing you must learn from this experience. Hay or straw or whatever you want to call it HURTS as it stabs into your skin beneath your underwear, your pants, your bra, and your eyelids. It hurts. The hour long car ride wasn’t over quick enough and I am still finding hay in my pockets and around my house!

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