A Sandwich Made Me Cry

A Sandwich Made Me Cry

Something so strange happened to me today. I’m sure millions of women have been through it before but it was so strange when it happened to me!

My husband and I decided to go to lunch today and get something warm since it was so cold outside. I decided I would like a chicken salad sandwich and some soup at Paradise Café and Bakery. But then I started thinking about chicken and fat and gristle on it and started gagging and dry heaving. We passed a Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurant and all of a sudden I was overcome by a craving, no a LONGING for a pulled chicken BBQ sandwich with Devil’s Spit BBQ sauce. This is not how it’s made; it generally has their house BBQ sauce on it so I ordered it without just like I ALWAYS DO!
My sandwich arrived WITH BBQ sauce already on it. When the waitress came back she walked up to me and said, “After you ordered that I started thinking that we don’t serve it naked, it’s premixed with BBQ sauce.” Well, that might be so but it’s never been a problem in the past. I told her so.
She came back later with a CHOPPED CHICKEN sandwich, not pulled. It had very visible fatty chunks and hard yellow gristle pieces on it. I started gagging after she walked away. I told my husband that this wasn’t what I wanted or had ordered. I told him I’d rather have the other one back. This was not edible. HE begged me NOT to say ANYTHING and to just take it home and he would eat it later. I burst into tears. I tried to stop and was finally successful.
We left; I was starving but couldn’t think past wanting anything except for the sandwich that I really wanted! On the way home I cried the entire drive. About a SANDWICH people, a SANDWICH! I felt ridiculous and tried to laugh at myself because it was all so silly but the more I tried to laugh, the harder I cried. I had SNOT BUBBLES coming out of my nose!!! I cried hysterically for almost 15 minutes until we got home and I lay down and slept for a few hours.
I cried and threw a full blown hysterical temper tantrum and could not stop crying over a sandwich. What is wrong with me? I was trying to describe to my husband how I was feeling. Through tears I told him that it was like he had told me he would take me to Disneyland and that we got all the way there and then he changed his mind and said I couldn’t go in. I was mourning the loss of a SANDWICH.

Famous Dave’s Photo is Stolen from Chickpeas, Please.

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