A Night in the City

A Night in the City

┬áSo, the weather…

Tuesday night five of us went to the city for the evening. Doesn’t that just sound so classy? We partook in fine dinning and a night at the theatre. Even classier, right? Actually, we hoped in the car, cursed our way into a parking spot and bailed from the car quickly because there was a homeless (why do we assume homeless?) woman asking people for money near the parking meters. The man she asked before we got out of the car said something along the lines of, “NO!” followed by some friendly rant about how he works. Thankful for his distraction, we bailed ship and ran; poor KC was caught up but pretended to be on the phone and ignored her. Is this bad or mean?

We ate at the local Cajun food dive. Yummiest food near the parking meters! I ate a red beans and sausage mixture and some Italian chicken concoction. The chili cheese etouffe looked and smelled delish but I can’t eat crawfish on the account that it has the work fish in its name AND my totally cute pet crawfish stank so badly when it died twenty years ago.

Following dinner we drove to the theatre and were the first people inside (I take doors opening at 7pm, show starting at 8 to mean that it’s going to be crowded and we best get there and grab a good seat)! About 45 minutes later the theatre filled and a while after that, the show started. Did I mention it was a comedy show, not a play? The comedians were very funny but I am so tired of the words “mother f’er” and the “N” word in their entirety. Don’t worry these were not white comedians using these words, nor was this a majority white audience. Besides my complaints about the over usage of those two words, I had a great time.

The weird thing was that each comedian made reference to the monsoon and tornado and crazy weather outside. The five of us kept looking at each other funny and we finally decided that at some point, the weather had turned sour but we were already in the theatre and didn’t know about it. Sure enough, after the show, we left and outside there was a total change from the mild 50ish degree weather we had left earlier that evening. There were giant snow flakes flying through the air, ice patches and puddles all over the sidewalks, and worst of all, freezing cold wind whipping our ears. Some people didn’t even have coats because the weather had been so mild.

The car was iced over from freezing rain and it was near impossible to get into the car. Once we were in the car, we couldn’t go anywhere because the windows needed to de-ice and it was too cold to move let alone steer a car. Tomorrow, everyone is expecting the schools to have a 2 hour weather delay. I want a cancellation!

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