A Falling Feeling

A Falling Feeling

 The outdoor weather is ending so life in the suburbs will begin to be lived out in secret. Yes, it’s that time of year where we are getting ready to bring in the patio furniture (well, we would if we had room in our garage to store it), I’ve planted various fall shades of mums, my bulbs are in the ground or on their way into the ground, we have one final camping trip planned and the festivals and fairs are moving indoors.

We had such a great weekend of trying to cram as much outdoor activity time in as possible.
Fall flower shopping and planting.
Outdoor music and wine event at a local winery.
Renaissance Faire with giant turkey legs.

We have a couple more weekends planned like this. My hope is that when they are over, I’ll be so exhausted that my hatred of cold weather will turn to a welcome just for the rest… What kinds of activities and events are you trying to pile in?

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