A Day of Almost There

A Day of Almost There

┬áJust a little update on my list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days; I haven’t abandoned it! I am in between about 5-10 different items on the list. I have started several but haven’t completed them. For instance: I am trying to find a job that I love most of the time, I am pretty much done painting the kitchen and we pretty much have a new kitchen and living room floor. I just really, really want to try to complete these projects before I cross them off. Sounds fair, right?

In other list updates, I am reading a new book, “A New Earth” by Eckard Tolle. This is going towards #45, Read 100 Books. I really tried to keep my Car clean for a month (2/14) but 4 days before completion, I decided I was too tired to take everything in and I allowed my papers to get all scattered. I’ll really try again, starting tomorrow.

Chandra and I went bowling but I haven’t quite beaten a 150 at bowling (#19). I got a 115, sounds like 150 but not quite.

I’ve also visited a few restaurants towards my 50 new restaurants (#89). Recently, okay a while back, Special Friend, Special GF, Jay and I went to a place called Ichiban. It was delicious and expensive. We sat in a booth with a cut out in the floor so we appeared to have our legs crossed under the table, eating on cushions on the floor but it was actually just a form of a chair. I tried an avocado roll, not quite sushi but still yummy.

I’ve also visited a restaurant called the Trojan Horse, a Mexican restaurant called Los Rancheros and a Mediterranean restaurant called Santorini’s.

Today is my 2nd in person interview for the big Dot Com Company. I cannot wait to find out if I have the job or not. I’ve really enjoyed the interview process and the people I’ve met have been exceptional. I haven’t really been nervous for my interviews at all but I have been nervous about whether I’ll get the job or not. I’m aware that if it’s not the right thing, it won’t work out but still, a girl can hope that her intuition is accurate!

Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to officially cross a few things off!

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