A Bit Britney

A Bit Britney

I think the theme for the day is Hair!

My hair stylist, Penny is a family friend in a weird connected way — A connection made indirectly 2500 miles away and full circle when I moved here to the Midwest. She tells me that women are unlike men in that they wake up one morning and say, “I need to do something with my hair, NOW!”

Unfortunately for all of us, Penny is booked solid and not accepting any more clients (Thank God I got 3 of my 4 closest friends to see her before that happened, even though only 1 ½ of them still regularly attend “The Church of Hair” as I call it) Penny is right, what is it about us that we decide that today is the day my blonde locks will become black or sienna or purple? Why do we suddenly need bangs or highlights or layers?
Recently, I convinced my husband to grow his hair out a bit so that we could try out a new style that I had seen on a Calvin Klein model. I thought it would look fabulous on him. Just as he was rounding the corner from the “in between” stage, he went a bit Britney on me and shaved it all off! He said he just needed a change and needed to start over.

The last time I went a bit Britney I darkened my super light blonde hair to 100% of blackness. I don’t know what made me do it but I just needed to do it right then! I drove to the CVS down the street at 10:30 at night and selected a shiny black. When was the last time YOU went a bit Britney?

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