Today’s date has become a date that stands out on the calendar. When I was planning activities for the Non Profit and scheduled a football game get together on September 11th, I thought about whether or not that was appropriate. I went ahead and scheduled it. Afterall, it has been 8 years. Eight years!

The video above is from Newsweek and it interviews some kids who were about 10 years old at the time. Now of course, they are 18. It’s so interesting to hear their thoughts and their return to that day. Many people are probably tired of hearing from others “where they were, what they were doing and who they were with”. I’m going to share anyway.

I was sort of a live in nanny for a freshman in high school. Her father had recently passed away and her mother was a flight attendant.

I was asleep. At the time I was still living in Southern California and I was sound asleep when all of a sudden I heard loud, fast foot steps coming up the wooden stairs. This jolted me from my sleep. My door burst open and Little Kay screached something to the effect of, “They’re bombing everything, they stole planes, they crashed into the tower”. Still in a half sleep drunken state, I just stared at her as she flipped on my television.

We sat and watched as the first tower perished. It was awful. However, it was not quite as awful as what we saw next. We watched as the second plane flew right into the second tower. It was so surreal. It was as if I was watching a movie. A urban Blair Witch project of sorts. I don’t think I said more than two words during that hour.

I was in love. I know that this is a stupid statement to make following what I just described to you but I was twenty years old and I loved this boy that lived half way across the country. We were broken up but I loved him. The moment that Little Kay left my room, I called him and left a message, frantic. Scared. Where would a plane land next? Would I ever get a chance to see him again? Was I going to die, full of these unrequited feelings?

We all understand loss. Not all of us have experienced the type of loss that the vicitims and their families experienced on that day and forever more. However, we are all deeply affected because at one time or another we have all loved and lost. At the moment that someone saw the plane go into the second tower, we all felt pain and imagined the feelings we would have if WE were to lose our loved ones. So, we grabbed a phone, made a few calls to people we loved and cared about and cried into our pillows. Many people had phone calls returned on that day but many of us didn’t. And we mourned with and for the vicitims of that horrific day.

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