#88 Find a friend to also make a 101 Things list

#88 Find a friend to also make a 101 Things list

 Yay! #88 on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days is complete! Good friend KC decided to make a list of her own! Lucky for me she has a few things on her list that we might be able to cross of together.

I really wish that more of my friends would make a list. It has given me direction and made me find things that might make me a better person and help me find things that I enjoy and might not have tried before. For instance; last night Chandra and I went bowling and we had a great time! I am trying to cross off #19 (break a 150 at bowling). This is much harder than it looks! Last night I scored anywhere from the 80′s to 115! Generally I have a hard time breaking 100 but now I know I can do it at least 1 out of 2 games.
I also almost have my closet totally organized. This weekend I purged thousands of dollars worth of clothes in almost every size imaginable. I am going to try to take them to a consignment shop, sell some on Ebay and then give the rest to Goodwill. With the money from the clothes, I am going to repay our bank account for these shoe organizers and drawers for the closet. What do you think? After this and after I find something to organize my purses, I will be able to cross off #37 (Organize the closet). Also, I will be going snowboarding on Friday so #86 will be gone on Friday!

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