3 Floods = a new floor! I hope.

3 Floods = a new floor! I hope.

Some friends of mine put tile in their kitchen last year and it looks beautiful. Jay and I decided on tile for the master bath and it also looks beautiful. While Jay finished the tile rather quickly and we had use of our bathroom after a week, I won’t tell you how long we went without a toilet. Our friends had their meals in restaurants for almost two months! The purpose of doing home improvement projects yourself is to SAVE money! This is why I have decided that IF we decide to redo the kitchen floor (from the flood in July—story to follow in a few days), then I want to have someone come and do it for us.

This flooring is much needed and I really hope that it all works out financially. IF it does work out financially, this is what I want:

 AND IF it does work out financially, this is probably what I will get! I’ll tell you all some more later! DD Momma and I are gearing up for the home show! We’re attending next week and VERY excited. We always get some crazy ideas when this time of year comes around!


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