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101 Things in 1001 Days Project – Revisited

101 Things in 1001 Days Project – Revisited

On a day of resolutions and wishes, here is my list for the 101 Things in 1001 Days Project. I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone! It has transformed me!



1. Help out with the youth group 5 times (when Jacob is around).
2. Donate our pledged amount of money to the church
3. Lose 60 pounds.

4. Exercise 5 times per week for a month.

5. Get back into rowing.

6. Kick the soda habit in the butt

7. Join or begin a walking group

8. Find a job that I love (most of the time). – I have to uncross this one off the list

9. Buy a 2nd piece of property.

10. Have a girl’s night out 3 times per month for a year.

11. Live off of my planned budget for 1 consecutive month

12. Pay off all of my credit cards

13. Keep my car very clean (spotless) for one month

14. Get diamond earrings

15. Keep up with my oil changes

16. Keep up with the dog’s shots

17. Go to an OSU football game

18. Go to a Colts football game

19. Break a 150 at bowling

20. Attend 2 Alumni rowing events

21. Vote for a president and have 10 great reasons why!  FAIL

22. Go sailing and be a part of it

23. Keep up with this list at least once per month.

24. 30 consecutive days of no television

25. 10 consecutive days with no internet

26. Sell 100 items on ebay

27. Paint the living room

28. Paint the kitchen

29. Paint the master bathroom

30. Finish painting the upstairs bathroom

31. Finish painting the downstairs bathroom

32. Tile a backsplash in the kitchen

33. Replace the kitchen cabinet doors with some glass

34. Re-floor the kitchen

35. Replace the flooring in the living room/dinning room

36. Put up that fence

37. Organize the closet

38. Get a china hutch

39. Organize the game closet

40. Organize the downstairs closet

41. Make my bed everyday for one month

42. Finish one of my books

43. Post one blog per day for 2 consecutive months

44. Write my will.

45. Read 100 books.

46. Visit Greece
47. Visit Australia
48. Go on an out of country trip with my parents again
49. Visit Havasu 2 times per year.


50. Go on a train trip

51. See a Broadway show on Broadway!

52. Geo-cache with Jacob and find 200 more caches
53.Visit Christmas at the Zoo
54. Visit the zoo on a normal day
55. Visit every winery in Indiana
58. Attend 2 really big concerts
59. Visit the Art Museum each season
60. Attend the theatre (not movie) 5 times

61. Work on at least 4 devotions with Jacob.

62. Attend church activities at least 2 times per month

63. Daily quiet time for one month

64. Find my niche at church (where can I serve/give back)

65. Get my degree

66. Take a class for fun
67. Learn to dance

68. Transfer 8mm camcorder tapes to digital format
69. Scan and upload photos from mom and dad’s house

70. Scan and upload all of the photos at my house

71. Scan and upload photos from Jacob’s parent’s house
72. Take one photo every day for a year
73. Complete a
26-Things Scavenger Hunt
74. Eat only
raw foods for an entire day

75. Volunteer to read at church 5 times

76. Visit my old church in Greenwood





79. Take my heart medication daily.

80. Be active in Partylite for one year or quit.

81. Sleep on the beach

82. Scuba dive with dad

83. Take a hot air balloon ride

84. Get a parks pass and USE it!

85. Clean the heck out of the garage and get rid of it all!

86. Go snowboarding at least once

87. Date night with Jacob 2 times per month

88. Find a friend to also make a 101 things list!

89. Try 50 new restaurants

90. Interview my grandparents

91. Participate in Race for the Cure

92. Organize my computer files

93. Back-up everything on my computer

94. Go ice skating

95. Play laser tag

96. Enter something into the state fair

97. Go one month without eating out.

98. Eat one two meals per week at the kitchen table with Jacob.

99. Organize miscellaneous scraps of paper.

100. Organize my recipes.
101. Make a new list of 101 Things to Do & donate $5 to James’ memorial fund for every task on this list that I do not complete.


I pledge to do everything possible to complete this list (beginning Monday, November 26, 2007) by Monday, August 23, 2010


78. Complete a marathon




77. Train for a marathon

Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip

Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip

While camping a few months ago, one of my oldest and best friends said, “Dude, (yes, she said “Dude”) we should all hike to the bottom on the Grand Canyon!”

Of course we all said, “Yeah! That would be awesome/fun/great/amazing/insert silly, outdated adjective.”

I don’t know why we said that, we had no idea, no realm of comparison. Personally, I’ve SEEN the Grand Canyon AND I’ve walked a bit down a trail. In fact, I think I stepped in GC donkey crap. Well, we said it and we’re doing it. Some people say they “attempt” it. We’re too deep in for it to be an attempt at this point.

My entire Christmas weekend was spent washing dishes from the family dinner we hosted and planning and shopping for this adventure.

This is my new backpack.

These are my new hiking boots.

This is our new food.

While this blog is meant to be an expose of sorts of suburban living, sometimes you just need to get out of the neighborhood for a while! Come hike with me in April! This is the beginning of my journey…of pain!

A New Beginning

A New Beginning

You may notice that this is now a skeleton of what the site normally is; I assure you we’ll get back to our glorious ways ASAP! I upgraded to a new server and I’m still trying to figure it all out.

Christmas was lovely here in the Neighborhood! I hosted 11 of my family and friends in our tiny home. The food was wonderful and the company was even better!

Here is something new I tried and boy was it wonderful!

Kat’s Christmas Day Kranberries

On Christmas Eve, pour 2 cups of sugar into about 2 cups of water in a small saucepan – stir over low heat until the sugar dissolves. Simmer but do not boil (the cranberries do not like hot, hot water and they will pop!). Remove from heat and stir in 2 cups of cranberries.


Pour the mixture into a bowl. Don’t look at the berries that popped – my water got too hot!


Cover and refrigerate over-night (or 8 hours).

Before you open presents, drain cranberries over a bowl (save the liquid if you want). Place ¾ of a cup of sugar (superfine if you can find it) in a shallow dish.
Add the cranberries, rolling to coat with sugar.

Place them on a clean dish to dry for 1 hour or spear them with toothpicks and let dry for one hour.


These make great garnishes for cocktails, cider or appetizer trays. The sugar compliments the tartness in a yummy way.


Store them in an air tight container in a cool place for up to a week.