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California Mobile Updates Summary

California Mobile Updates Summary

 My California Trip, Event by Event, 140 Characters at a time. Follow me in real time via Twitter!

Getting ready for bed. Hanging with all my homies before I leave for the week. 11:07 PM March 21, 2008 from web

flight was canceled & NWA treated me badly. Not happy right now. 08:43 AM March 22, 2008 from we

i have a window seat AND aisle seat. REALLY small plane. Not happy. 12:38 PM March 22, 2008 from web

airplane music gives new appreciation to elevator music. I cant wait to be California! 12:50 PM March 22, 2008 from web

tgrrrrr. plane sitting on runway. Capt. declares we might need to return for more fuel if we dont move soon. What else? bring it on! 01:18 PM March 22, 2008 from web

got stuck in another holding pattern but i luckily made my connection in Newark (barely). on my way to the REAL OC! 03:49 PM March 22, 2008 from web

im finally in the oc! now i can relax, enjoy life and stop complaining! 10:08 PM March 22, 2008 from web

Good night my twitter friends! i am in my old room and ready to sleep. 12:37 AM March 23, 2008 from web

at church seeing old friends… 11:23 AM March 23, 2008 from web

weird seeing old youth group kids with kids of their own. Weren’t we just playing games yesterday? good 2 be home. 12:03 PM March 23, 2008 from web

Meeting up with high school friend for life, Cela at the old Denny’s hangout. Memories… 01:50 PM March 23, 2008 from web

Just had Easter lamb at my aunt Nancy’s house. Asparagus, potatoesm salad and peach sorbet with rosewater. 06:12 PM March 23, 2008 from web

almost forgot how to get to Westminster from the 55 freeway… It’s been waaaay too long. 06:18 PM March 23, 2008 from web

on the way to see the Lakers at Staples Center with my BFF “Kyleen”. 07:51 PM March 23, 2008 from web

watching the lakers but listening to some wench who is annoying and has a shrill stupid voice. 09:17 PM March 23, 2008 from web

the lady in front of me is wearing a mini backpack AND a front fanny pack! Lakers down by 23. 09:56 PM March 23, 2008 from web

Nelly is here at the game. 10:08 PM March 23, 2008 from web

maria sharapova, also at the game. down 10 points 10:19 PM March 23, 2008 from web

down by 7. We can do it! 10:30 PM March 23, 2008 from web

3 more to catch up! 10:35 PM March 23, 2008 from web

101 to 101. 3 minutes to go. 10:56 PM March 23, 2008 from web

Lakers lost but it was a super game… We were winning for a few seconds. 11:16 PM March 23, 2008 from web

Relaxing in a naturally cool house, talking myself into getting ready for another sort of busy day. 08:56 AM March 24, 2008 from

this afternoon i had a lunch date with a friend of mine who also happens to be the mother of a childhood friend. My sister came along too. about 18 hours ago from web

Laying out on the back deck, soaking up more sun than I’ve had in 7 months… Home, sweet home. about 17 hours ago from web

Ahhh. Nothing like a hot tub after some time sunning on the deck. Yes, I am trying to make you all jealous but especially @themann00. about 16 hours ago from web

Just went on a walk with my sister and the dog we’ve had for about 18 years. She still looks & acts like a puppy but is skin & bones. about 15 hours ago from

mmmmm. Souplantation thebest restaurant in the world. about 13 hours ago from

Just returned home from Starbucks with Tawny, Em and Barbie. Will be dreaming of monkey gang chases. Goodnight friends. about 10 hours ago from web

I’m going to take a morning dip in the hot tub. I wish I could always live at my parents house in SoCal. Starting to hate Indiana even more. about 3 hours ago from web

Just drove the first car that I bought with my own $. 1995 Dodge Neon. The paint is no longer shiny but she moves around ok. about 1 hour ago from web

About to leave the Mecca of free wireless and return to my wirelessless life at my parents house. Woe is me. Big day ahead! 13 minutes ago from web.

The sad state of education in the United States.

The sad state of education in the United States.

I want to tell you about my 7 months as an adult behind the walls of what some call a high school and what others might call hell. When I came to work on my first day I was excited! I was going to be working among great teachers, smart students AND have the time to finish reading/writing a book or two. After my first week I realized that none of this was true. Well, there were a few great teachers but they weren’t very supportive when I needed help with holding troublesome students accountable for their poor behavior.

I was appalled at how voiceless I really was, shocked at how little it mattered that I even show up each day, distressed at the feelings I felt towards each person that was with me behind these walls. Some people equate the sad state of education with money. I disagree. The sad state of education is apathy. The apathy found in education stems from the apathy that students bring to the table. Where that apathy stems from, I have not a clue.

When I was in high school I may not have been the best student, the most put together, I might have dodged my share of assignments and skipped yours, mine and my neighbors fair share of classes but I still had respect for teachers and school employees. In high school I NEVER treated people the way that I have been treated the past 7 months at this school. I digress. The topic was the sad state of education.

Apathy reaches beyond the students. Staff members are stuck in between the monetary demands of keeping students in school even when they do everything to prove that this is not a place for them and teaching students that their behavior is inappropriate. Short of a school shooting, what else do you need to do to deem yourself ineligible for an education paid for by tax payers?

What can be done about the sad state of education in the US of A? 

Spray Paint

Spray Paint

Our neighborhood kids are all interesting characters. On more than one occasion have they shocked us and added a chuckle to our day and on more than one occasion have they irritated us. There is one kid that is so weird that we can’t help but laugh. He is pretty pesky but he has the kindest heart out of all of the kids but he’s just so random!

One night, my husband Jay was outside spray painting a RED bunk bed frame. We were painting it BLACK. Dog Poop Kid (as our friends call him because of our deal with him) came walking up and said, “What are you doing?” and Jay answered that he was painting the bed black. DPK said, “Can I paint my ass red?” Jay just looked at him shocked, then he said, “This is black paint, sorry”.

Allegedly – Life in Little Boxes

Allegedly – Life in Little Boxes

 I hope I didn’t sign a confidentiality agreement because here I go. At one time the “Maple Lane Home Owners Association,” of which I am Vice President, had a problem. His name was Crazy Red Car Man. Notice that most of my eccentric neighbors have the word Crazy in their name? It’s not my fault that Scientific Classification puts them in the same species! Crazy Red Car Man allegedly decided to sue the HOA because he wasn’t happy living in the neighborhood.

Allegedly people were putting dog poop in his mail box, being rude to him and talking about him. Allegedly it was because his wife was not born American or was not a white American, I don’t know, some silly nonsense that is allegedly untrue and made up. Allegedly he was under the impression that the HOA had a responsibility to make him happy and somehow he was able to get the ACLU to take his case for free.

It is my understanding that Crazy Red Car Man lives on a VERY diverse street and it is these very same neighbors who are making him feel unhappy. It is also my understanding that this man offered to settle out of court if either the neighbors OR the Association would buy his house from him (yeah, right!). It is my understanding that the case was thrown out of court. In the meantime our association paid thousands to tens of thousands in legal fees even though this was allegedly a bogus lawsuit.

To all of you who hate living in an associated neighborhood: MOVE! To all of you who think that the HOA has a responsibility to make your life enjoyable when the fact that it isn’t enjoyable is directly related to your inability to get along with people: MOVE! IT’S YOUR PROBLEM AND IT WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO THE WOODS!

I’m Seeing Green and Sadly It’s Not Money

I’m Seeing Green and Sadly It’s Not Money

 Last night my husband Jay and I had a great time with about 10 or so of our friends. Oh yeah, and probably a few thousand others. Just like last year, we went to a German bar in the city called the Rathskellar. We drank beer and cider (don’t worry kids, only one each), ate pretzels with hot mustard (sooo much horseradish that my sinuses are punishing me this morning) and then danced and hung out for about 5 hours before moving the party to Denny’s. While we were at the Rathskellar, we enjoyed a musical performance by a group called POLKABOY. If you ever have the opportunity to see them, you must!

Recently, the city drained the canals for the purpose of cleaning. It was the first time in 20 years, “City officials say crews have used vacuums to remove 367 semi trailer loads of sludge and waste from the canal since cleanup work began in November” and it cost nearly half a million dollars!

Yesterday, Jay and I went to the canal for our annual photo opportunity. They had refilled the canals and as usual, the water was dyed green for the holiday. Almost every year I have visited Chicago within weeks of the 17th and their river is still green. We are really happy that the same tradition takes place here in our home town. Hope you enjoy the photos of the newly “renovated” canals. Doesn’t look like we’ll be getting to Chicago this month, but who needs to with the new Ikea opening in Ohio!?

Raaaawwwrr! I got a job offer!

Raaaawwwrr! I got a job offer!

Let me give you a little break down of my current state of mind, or rather how I got there.

In beginning to mid-January I met someone while working my seasonal turned part-time position at big clothing store chain. He was an employee of a company that I’ve used in job searches. I asked for advice on entry level positions, asked a little about the company and then asked how to apply. He gave me some information and later I submitted by resume and cover letter to him.

No one called.

I wrote and asked for a contact so that I could call.

I called, I left a message, I called, I called, I called, I called, I called, I called, I left a message. This went on for over a month. No one called me back. Finally, during one of my random phone calls, a very nice woman answered. I professionally begged her to agree to take another look at my resume. She did. She didn’t like it. I told her about a job that I had held years ago and not listed on my resume. She said I should update it and include that job. I agreed and begged for her email address so I could send it directly to her.

The next day she called. Two days later she interviewed me. Three business days later I had my first in person interview. Two hours later I had a phone call. Two business days later I had my second in person interview. Two hours later I had a job! Three weeks from now I start said job and in between I need to wrap up my time at my current job, travel home to visit my parents, thoroughly clean my house, go shopping, etc!

I am so very proud to work for this amazing Dot Com Company. They seem to treat their people well, appreciate them, recognize their excellence and have super ideas that really, really help people. I could get a job working for many companies but this is a company I am truly proud to say I am part of!
What do you say that we cross #8 (Find a job that I love (most of the time)) off of the old list of 101 Things in 1001 Days?

So, my state of mind is joyous, sleepless, excited and tummy aching. Oh, and can I tell you that they have free fountain coke all day long in our office… Don’t worry, I will not give in! I still have a few weeks to finish working out my withdrawals! 

A Day of Almost There

A Day of Almost There

 Just a little update on my list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days; I haven’t abandoned it! I am in between about 5-10 different items on the list. I have started several but haven’t completed them. For instance: I am trying to find a job that I love most of the time, I am pretty much done painting the kitchen and we pretty much have a new kitchen and living room floor. I just really, really want to try to complete these projects before I cross them off. Sounds fair, right?

In other list updates, I am reading a new book, “A New Earth” by Eckard Tolle. This is going towards #45, Read 100 Books. I really tried to keep my Car clean for a month (2/14) but 4 days before completion, I decided I was too tired to take everything in and I allowed my papers to get all scattered. I’ll really try again, starting tomorrow.

Chandra and I went bowling but I haven’t quite beaten a 150 at bowling (#19). I got a 115, sounds like 150 but not quite.

I’ve also visited a few restaurants towards my 50 new restaurants (#89). Recently, okay a while back, Special Friend, Special GF, Jay and I went to a place called Ichiban. It was delicious and expensive. We sat in a booth with a cut out in the floor so we appeared to have our legs crossed under the table, eating on cushions on the floor but it was actually just a form of a chair. I tried an avocado roll, not quite sushi but still yummy.

I’ve also visited a restaurant called the Trojan Horse, a Mexican restaurant called Los Rancheros and a Mediterranean restaurant called Santorini’s.

Today is my 2nd in person interview for the big Dot Com Company. I cannot wait to find out if I have the job or not. I’ve really enjoyed the interview process and the people I’ve met have been exceptional. I haven’t really been nervous for my interviews at all but I have been nervous about whether I’ll get the job or not. I’m aware that if it’s not the right thing, it won’t work out but still, a girl can hope that her intuition is accurate!

Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to officially cross a few things off!

Daylight Play Time & Eyeglass Suprise

Daylight Play Time & Eyeglass Suprise

I love Daylight Saving Time. Chances are that if you are reading this, you are one of the American’s who also loves DST because according to the Department of Transportation Poll, American’s LOVE their Daylight Saving Time.

With all that I hear about it while living in Indiana, I thought that the poll would go the other way but apparently, only Indianaians are grumpy about increased sunshine time, fewer traffic accidents and increased voter turnout ( It was during my stay here that law brought DST back to Indiana, one of two states holding out against DST. Growing up in Southern California, I loved DST and time change for two reasons.

Number one was that we were expected to be inside just before dark and let me tell you that DST brought at least a million more minutes of play time; bike riding, tag, playing house, swimming and just all around good times.

Number two was that there was a really, really, really good chance that mom and dad would forget to change the clocks and we would get to miss church because when we arrived, church was over! This also equaled more play time and less sit still time (I am aware that the hour or two of missed church did not really equal play time because in all reality we lost that hour in our sleep but the ratio of awake time to play time was totally in my favor on that day. So, mathematically this does make sense).

I cannot go a week in this new state that I call home without hearing someone grumbling about the merits of changing time. It’s an all out battle where even the finest people bring out newspaper reports of DST actually meaning higher energy usage and blah, blah, blah. In my mind, if DST does indeed save energy that’s just an added benefit. For me, it’s still all about playtime!

It’s about knowing that when I get off of work there will still be several hours of daylight to sit outside and drink tea in the warm shade. It’s about knowing that if I want to, I can work in my garden, walk the dog, ride my bike or gossip with my neighbors and it’s going to be light outside. It’s about getting my daily dose of vitamins from the sun, you know, the vitamins that I’ve been deprived of during the stupid, long, cold winters that keep people inside? Maybe people in Indiana just hate the sun…

Let me explain to you about this photo. Yesterday, KC, Corndog and I

were driving around town trying to find the perfect interview ensemble and KC noticed this. The front of the building and signage at Eyeglass World had fallen off of the front of the building and dragged the roof with it. It all came crashing down on this poor little white car. Since nobody was hurt I get to tell you that it was awesome looking and laughable! Yes, I did get out because after all, I am MEDIA! I have a blog!
This led to many puns and jokes in our car, KC is brilliant. My favorite was, “I bet they didn’t see that coming”. We’re still trying to figure out the best one for the roof retina (retaining) water. Also, it took place while most children were in school so there were no pupils harmed.

I Hate (okay, I’m not a hater so I seriously, strongly dislike) Smokers!</

I Hate (okay, I’m not a hater so I seriously, strongly dislike) Smokers!</

 The process of installing our new living room floor included removing the existing carpet, pad, carpet nail strip and baseboards.

Yesterday, while I was sweeping the cement slab that we are about to lay wood flooring on top of, I ran across some paper sticking out of the bottom of the wall. Keep in mind that this was a brand new house when we moved into. It was built by the “professionals” that Beazer homes hires and sub-contracts.
I pulled on the paper and this is what came out of the wall! A cigarette box!

I seriously hate smokers. They believe that the world is their trash can; throwing cigarettes out of their car windows, stomping their butts out on my sidewalk, leaving their cigarettes in my lawn and now, leaving their empty boxes in my WALLS? Okay, maybe I am being a bit harsh. I now apologize to any of you who are smokers who do not throw your butts anywhere except for the trash. To the rest of you, you suck!

Hoochie Nails, Coke, Remodeling & Job Interviews

Hoochie Nails, Coke, Remodeling & Job Interviews

 I know, I know, you’ve missed me. Well, some of you have. The rest of you I’ve probably seen at least once this week.
On Wednesday night I had a phone interview with a company that I’ve had my eye on ever since I started looking for a job. In fact, I had my eye on them back in 2002 when I was looking for a job. This coming Tuesday, I will have my first in person interview. I am so excited! Keep praying for me, please!
In other news, the kitchen floor is done! Halleluiah!! The living room floor is about ½ finished and the living room is ¼ painted. Hopefully all of the above will be complete this weekend because I’m going to go get some fake nails and I don’t want any nasty paint scars on them for my interview! Yes friends, I know. Tyra calls them hoochie nails on America’s Next Top Model AND every time I take them off, I swear I will NEVER get them again. Sometimes a girl lies, even to herself.

On the topic of being true to one’s self, I have not had a soda yet. It’s been 4 weeks today. Can I officially say, 1 month? I think so! Easter is just around the corner. I’m not that excited about Easter as it relates to my Coke (Coca-a-Cola) addiction because despite lent being over, I cannot drink it anymore. The hardest part is working at a high school; the kids seem to just carry it around all day, as if flaunting it. The worst moment was last night when I was watching dishes. My brain said, “You should be drinking a Coke right now”. I really fought the urge. Today was rough too; someone was carrying a can of Coke down the hall and as it came towards me, I had to use my left hand to hold down my Coke drinking hand. It kept trying to reach out and take the Coke right off of her lips. Seriously, Coke in a can! A CAN! I LOVE COKE IN A CAN!!

Oh, I don’t know the people in the photo above. I found it on google and thought they looked like they were mocking my addiction. Gesh. Insensitive.