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Bella ~ Another film festival Favorite

Bella ~ Another film festival Favorite

 Last night, Jay and I went to see another film at the film festival. It was a very pretty film. Is that a good description of a film? I don’t know. Sadly, I was very sick and by the end of the movie, I couldn’t wait to get home. I even declined the second part of our date, Mexican food. Hubby NEVER wants Mexican food and last night he offered to take me out for my favorite but I was too sick to even think about eating, so we went home.

Bella was pretty, as I said. I need to read some more about it and learn if any parts of story were true. It’s always interesting to see in real life how people use their own personal tragedies to prevent other people from having a tragedy. That being said, I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone and because I was so sick, I had a hard time noticing anything about the cinematography but I can tell you that as sick as I was, the story alone kept me from leaving and going home early. GO SEE IT!

Tonight, if I feel better, we have two movies to see! So, hopefully I will add some more to your list of movies to see!

Just Clearing My Throat for Thyroid Health

Just Clearing My Throat for Thyroid Health

Since moving to the Midwest, I cannot escape the horrible fact that married people cheat on one another. An innumerable amount of my acquaintances have somehow been wrapped up in an extramarital affair. (I just threw up in my mouth a little). People, if you are going to cheat on your husband or wife or assist someone else in cheating, please don’t tell me. Your secrets have dashed my idea that marriage is forever and that marriage protects you from having your heart broken before death.

You’ll remember from my previous blog that Dr. Christaine Northrup says, “Thyroid dysfunction develops because of an energy blockage in the throat region, the result of a lifetime of ‘swallowing’ words one is aching to say”. Well, it seems that I still need to clear my throat:

Mrs. Carrot Top, yes you. You make me sick. You pretend to be my friend so that you have an excuse to see a certain someone, so that you have an alibi, so that you have a reason to be in this city, this neighborhood, this street. How dare you do those terrible things to your husband and have the audacity to share them with me, the wife of your husband’s good friend.

I will not be the keeper of your secrets, the sounding board for you to share. What you did will NEVER be okay. I pray to God that He was the only one but I know in my heart that He was not. For the sake of your husband and your unborn baby, I pray that Baby is truly the offspring of your husband. Your secrets are too heavy for me to carry. I’m glad that I am rid of them. I am sad that I had to be rid of you but you didn’t even put up a fight. Maybe you were too worried that I knew too much or perhaps it is as I thought all along, you were only using me. Ciao!

When I weighed in this week for the big Slim Down Challenge, I was 1.1 pounds lighter. Maybe getting all of this off of my chest IS making my thyroid function properly.

YOUR Attitude is Making ME Fat!

YOUR Attitude is Making ME Fat!

  In case you haven’t heard, Oprah has a thyroid condition. Tada! Could this finally be the answer to her weight problem? A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with a thyroid condition and yes, she looks FABULOUS! I’ve never thought that she looked bad but wow did her treatment do a number of wonderful things for her. She also eats a lot better and exercises more. Well, right away I thought, maybe that’s the reason why I’ve gained so much weight the past 4 years.

Sadly, my doctor and my blood tests disagree. After hearing Oprah’s guest doctor, Dr. Northrup, I know I have a thyroid condition!

Northrup says, “In many women thyroid dysfunction develops because of an energy blockage in the throat region, the result of a lifetime of ‘swallowing’ words one is aching to say”. Sounds like me, right? NOT ANY MORE! Lately, I just don’t care as much. My problem is that I tell other people how I feel and not the person that I have the issue with. I really have been working on it but as a result, somehow I lost someone that I thought was my friend. As a result of losing that “friend”, I also lost a few other friends. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really say what I meant to say.

“In the name of preserving harmony, or because these women have learned to live as relatively helpless members of their families or social groups, they have learned to stifle their self-expression,” says Dr. Northrup. Well, here it is; YMCA “Sweetie,” you are a spoiled brat with little to no creativity. You use people, you copy people, and you steal their ideas, their traditions and their livelihood. When you’ve exhausted them with your constant whininess about your pathetic “problems” and woes and you are done criticizing them to death, you stomp all over them, pack your bags with all that you’ve taken and walk out. I’ve waited for almost a year now for you to return my phone calls and have you? No. You are now deleted from my cell phone and thus, my life. Ciao!

“It’s no coincidence that so many more women than men have thyroid problems. Thyroid disease is related to expressing your feelings…” Thanks Dr. Northrup…I feel skinnier already!

Best Movie

Best Movie

I am convinced that Kathy Bates is THE best actress in the world. A College Student from my old church went with me to view some films that were a part of the local film festival. Last night, College Student and I watched one called Bonneville. It was about three best friends who go on an accidental road trip. There were sad moments but the humorous characters made this the best darn movie that I have seen all year! 

These women were so real and so amazing. I made that trip right along with them, but my watch said that I made it from Podunk, Idaho to Santa Barbara, California in under two hours. Oh my gosh, I loved this movie! Please, please, please try to get an opportunity to see this movie. At the end, I was so glad that College Student and I went because in the last few years we have become real life, true, blue friends. That said, I was really wishing that I could have had the entire theatre full of all of my closest girlfriends.

Was this movie life changing, eh, it didn’t push me towards change or action except for giving me a deeper appreciation of all of the women in my life. Also, I hope to God that when I get older he would allow me to be as beautiful as Joan Allen or Jessica Lange. Heck, I wish I could be as gorgeous as them NOW!

Speaking of looking gorgeous and being a STAR! We have a wonderful guest on our radio show on November 4th. I will announce here on Saturday who it is! Stay tuned!

It’s a HAPPY Day!

It’s a HAPPY Day!

 woke up this morning feeling very happy. I took a shower and got ready for work, still felt happy. Lay down to try to get a ten-minute power nap in before I left for work, felt happy afterwards. Is it totally weird that I am so happy that it’s Trash Day? I cannot wait until that man comes and takes away the trash from the past two weeks.

YES! I did say two weeks darn it! We forgot (not I of course) to take it out last week. Do you see why I am so excited or is this all still a little too weird?

After Lunch Rainbow Pooper

After Lunch Rainbow Pooper

I think that whoever is using the first stall in the ladies room at work, after lunch, really needs to see a doctor. As I discussed on the show two weeks ago, some woman (I assume because of location) is using the restroom, flushing but not making sure it’s going down all of the way. Enter me, I happen upon half a poop, half dissolved and I gag and dry heave.

It must be a staff member because the first time I noticed it was on a Thursday that no students were around. That Thursday it was Crayola crayons bright green! Friday it was crayon shavings yellow and Monday it was a bluish green. Today I went straight into stall number two for fear of a purple surprise.

Is there a doctor in the house? How about a school nurse?

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day. It is a day where bloggers unite and write about what they are personally doing to make the environment better.

J and I use low energy and long lasting bulbs in MOST of our light fixtures. In some spaces this has not been possible because they cause one or both of us headaches.

I’ve also been taking paper to work for recycling. Often I take metal to the recycle place as well, okay, I’ve done it once and I have a car load ready to go now.

We also don’t use plastic trash bags to line our outside garbage bins, this really pisses the neighbors off because then trash is sometimes blown from the truck. I don’t worry too much because I pick it up and I got the idea from some of them because THEIR trash frequently ends up in MY yard for the same reason.

I tried some environmentally friendly glass cleaner and it didn’t work. I pledge to try a few other cleansers but honestly, if they don’t work well, I can’t see myself switching.

Also, we have an energy saving device on the back of our dryer AND we have a vegetarian, eco-friendly roommate. Does that count? :)

So, we have a long way to go but one step at a time, we’re getting better. I know so many of you are doing so much more, please tell me.

Slim Down Challenge

Slim Down Challenge

Wow! As mentioned on the radio show yesterday, I am taking part in a slim down challenge at work. I began today with drinking about 3/5 of a gallon of water and then weighing in. I weight about 18 pounds more than I thought I did and I don’t think it’s the water I drank this morning! So, now I would like to lose about 38 pounds in this competition. I can do it!

Since moving to the mid-west I’ve put on more weight than I ever could have imagined. Part of it is because everything that I enjoy doing to get exercise is outside. Outside here is miserable! It’s always either too hot or too hold or too muggy or too dark. Or closed. Seasonal you know?

Do you all have any ideas how to do it and KEEP it off? I’m not looking for just a quick fix for the competition, I want to change my lifestyle and keep it all off. And please don’t say “give up soft drinks”. I did (again)!

Tangarine Nightmares

Tangarine Nightmares

Good Morning!

The weekend disappeared so quickly but I do feel like it was a well spent weekend; I was able to spend quality time with my hubby J and a few of my “Indiana friends” (Drunk Dialin’ Momma, Chandra and Camp Guy) and I picked up a beautiful bottle of Blackberry wine while wine tasting.

On Saturday, J and I went to the drive-in movies since they are closing for the season next week. We watched The Brave One and Good Luck Chuck. Lucky me, I also got in interesting show in the bathroom. When is it okay to go out in public and not wear a bra?

A woman wearing head to toe tangerine was coming out of the stall next to mine. She has now has a felony hijacking charge against my brain. I cannot get the terrible image out of my head. Is it okay to not wear a bra to the drive-in movies and still wear a shirt that proves you aren’t wearing one?

Kat’s Fall 2007 TV Line-up

Kat’s Fall 2007 TV Line-up

Desperate Housewives

Grey’s Anatomy

The Office

Brothers & Sisters

Friday Night Lights

Big Shots (Trying it out)

The Hills (Reminds me of home – Not really)

Gossip Girl (Eh, I just can’t resist)

Dirty Sexy Money (Reminds me of a darker Arrested Development from an outsiders point of view)

Pageant Place (Haven’t seen it yet but it’s on MTV, so I’m sure I will)

Pushing Daisys (The jury is still out on this one)

The Girls Next Door (Returns on Thanksgiving weekend!)

Weeds (We no longer splurge on Showtime so I have to watch it at friends houses)

Hotel Babylon (LOVE that BBC America[r])

I know, I know. You HAVE to be wondering how I have time for all of this TV watching! We got a knock-off TiVo! I watch it while folding laundry AND I get to fast forward commercials! This buys me extra HOURS for TV watching. Also, I can watch most ABC series on the computer while I am at w- – -. ;)