1. Help out with the youth group 5 times (when Jacob is around).
2. Donate our pledged amount of money to the church
3. Lose 60 pounds.
4. Exercise 5 times per week for a month.
5. Get back into rowing.
6. Kick the soda habit in the butt
7. Join or begin a walking group
8. Find a job that I love (most of the time).
9. Buy a 2nd piece of property.
10. Have a girl’s night out 3 times per month for a year.
11. Live off of my planned budget for 1 consecutive month
12. Pay off all of my credit cards
13. Keep my car very clean (spotless) for one month
14. Get diamond earrings
15. Keep up with my oil changes
16. Keep up with the dog’s shots
17. Go to an OSU football game
18. Go to a Colts football game
19. Break a 150 at bowling
20. Attend 2 Alumni rowing events
21. Vote for a president and have 10 great reasons why!
22. Go sailing and be a part of it
23. Keep up with this list at least once per month.
24. 30 consecutive days of no television
25. 10 consecutive days with no internet
26. Sell 100 items on ebay
27. Paint the living room
28. Paint the kitchen
29. Paint the master bathroom
30. Finish painting the upstairs bathroom
31. Finish painting the downstairs bathroom
32. Tile a backsplash in the kitchen
33. Replace the kitchen cabinet doors with some glass
34. Re-floor the kitchen
35. Replace the flooring in the living room/dinning room
36. Put up that fence
37. Organize the closet
38. Get a china hutch
39. Organize the game closet
40. Organize the downstairs closet
41. Make my bed everyday for one month
42. Finish one of my books
43. Post one blog per day for 2 consecutive months
44. Write my will.
45. Read 100 books.
46. Visit Greece
47. Visit Australia
48. Go on an out of country trip with my parents again
49. Visit Havasu 2 times per year.
50. Go on a train trip
51. See a Broadway show on Broadway!
52. Geo-cache with Jacob and find 200 more caches
53.Visit Christmas at the Zoo
54. Visit the zoo on a normal day
55. Visit every winery in Indiana
56. Make wine with J
57. Visit 3 art galleries or showings
58. Attend 2 really big concerts
59. Visit the Art Museum each season
60. Attend the theatre (not movie) 5 times
61. Work on at least 4 devotions with Jacob.
62. Attend church activities at least 2 times per month
63. Daily quiet time for one month
64. Find my niche at church (where can I serve/give back)
65. Get my degree
66. Take a class for fun
67. Learn to dance
68. Transfer 8mm camcorder tapes to digital format
69. Scan and upload photos from mom and dad’s house
70. Scan and upload all of the photos at my house
71. Scan and upload photos from Jacob’s parent’s house
72. Take one photo every day for a year
73. Complete a 26-Things Scavenger Hunt
74. Eat only raw foods for an entire day
75. Volunteer to read at church 5 times
76. Visit my old church in Greenwood
77. Train for a marathon
78. Complete a marathon
79. Take my heart medication daily.
80. Be active in Partylite for one year or quit.
81. Sleep on the beach
82. Scuba dive with dad
83. Take a hot air balloon ride
84. Get a parks pass and USE it!
85. Clean the heck out of the garage and get rid of it all!
86. Go snowboarding at least once
87. Date night with Jacob 2 times per month
88. Find a friend to also make a 101 things list!
89. Try 50 new restaurants
90. Interview my grandparents
91. Participate in Race for the Cure
92. Organize my computer files
93. Back-up everything on my computer
94. Go ice skating
95. Play laser tag
96. Enter something into the state fair
97. Go one month without eating out.
98. Eat one two meals per week at the kitchen table with Jacob.
99. Organize miscellaneous scraps of paper.
100. Organize my recipes.
101. Make a new list of 101 Things to Do & donate $5 to James’ memorial fund for every task on this list that I do not complete.
I pledge to do everything possible to complete this list (beginning Monday, November 26, 2007) by Monday, August 23, 2010

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